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We understand the value of 1:1 training

Nothing beats true, in person support. As health and fitness geeks, we know how important the coach-client relationship is in helping you reach your wellness goals. Kuna combines the results of in-person coaching and the convenience of app based scheduling and instruction, giving you the best of both worlds with seamless integration.

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We keep you accountable

The real work begins as you build routine and discipline, and staying on track is the hardest part. While your coach keeps you focused on your goals, our personalized in-app fitness and nutrition plans and check-ins offer even more support for when you're on your own.

With you at every step

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Get matched to select coaches based on your fitness and nutrition goals, learning style, and more.
Choose a coach, conduct a quick free consultation, and head to your first session! Sessions can take place both in-person and remote.
Stay on track with your personalized wellness plan and set up a schedule that works for you.
Starting at $149/month, you'll receive monthly personalized fitness plans, plus 1:1 personal training sessions!
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Kristen b.


I can't believe how good i feel

My self esteem had dipped and I had disengaged with fitness. In such a short amount of time I can’t believe how good I feel. Lance takes the time to carefully understand what my body needs and how I can achieve my goals.

Kevin c.


More energy every day

The Kuna team has really helped me comfortably weave eating properly and working out into every day. I am incredibly thankful for them holding me accountable in a positive manner. I am getting much better sleep and have more energy every day.

Greg a.


Something i've been trying to attain for three years

In just three months, I’ve seen my body evolve into something I’ve been trying to attain for three years. I’m stronger, faster and feel amazing.

Kersten L.


The first nutrition coaching program that has worked

Kuna Fit has been the first nutrition coaching program that has worked with my busy lifestyle. The regimen designed by Emma has been key to getting me back in shape and even to the point where I am excited to complete my daily workouts.

Andy A.


An investment in your health and confidence

I’m so grateful Kuna Fit introduced me to a trainer that is so well suited to my needs. I firmly believe that an investment in your health and confidence is the most worthwhile investment you can make. . . my Kuna Fit trainer has paid major dividends that will last me for years to come.

alex k.


something that i was missing

It’s nice to have the support on the side for motivation, I feel like that’s definitely something that was missing in my fitness routines before I joined.

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We know that putting providers first yields greater satisfaction and results for everyone. Join a team that supports your growth, and build a career in wellness with Kuna.

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